Why is LocalPetition not a Public Benefit Company?

We are not a Public Benefit Company because this enables us to generate more revenue streams for example from advertisement and premium versions which enable us to sustain as a business.

How can you offer your service without any commission?

We can offer the service without any commission because we let the governments treasurers administrate the money, who are paid by taxes, so 100% of the funds can go directly into the projects. We only communicate the treasurers bank accounts.

Are my donations to the projects tax-deductible?

Whether the donations are tax-deductible depends on the country and the institution responsible for the project.

What happens when 100% of the required money isn’t raised?

When 100% of the required money isn’t raised, the treasurers have the opportunity to supply the missing money through taxes.

In which row do the governments consider the petitions?

We demand in the row of the most successful votings an answer from the governments on the petitions. Therefore only the „relevant votes“, so the votes from users living in the adressed area, count into the voting row.

How long will it take until a government replies to a petition?

It can last years until a petition gets a response. It is the duty for local governments in some countries to accept or reject the petitions.